Short-Term Attachments

The DDC gets many requests for short-term attachments. We welcome interested visitors as "observers" for periods of one week to a maximum of one year. To qualify for this program, visitors must have successfully completed a certified gastroenterology program/fellowship. Unfortunately, we can not offer hands-on training outside the standard fellowship and advanced fellowship programs.

International short-term visitors observing a G.I. procedure.
Two international short-term visitors
(right) observing Dr. Brenda Hoffman
perform a G.I. procedure.

All accepted visitors need to be processed through MUSC Human Resources. This will involve: consenting to a limited background check; having a TB screen done within 90 days prior to visiting (and cleared through Employee Health Services); and, completion of online OSHA and HIPAA training. Visitors must also review and sign an MUSC Confidentiality Agreement. The before mentioned requirements will be arranged after a request has been approved.

Due to the nature of these visits and the commitment required of our faculty and staff, the following observer fee schedule will apply:

  • 1-3 weeks – $500 per week
  • 1-3 months – $1,800 per month (less than $450 per week)
  • 4-6 months – $1,600 per month (less than $400 per week)
  • 7-9 months – $1,400 per month (less than $350 per week)
  • 10-12 months – $1,200 per month (less than $300 per week)

To apply, please print out, complete and follow the instructions on our "Request for Observation" form. (Address and fax information is available on the form.)