Research Overview

Digestive diseases have an enormous impact on health and the health-care system in the United States. New technologies and drugs have revolutionized the understanding and treatment of some digestive disorders, while everyday research uncovers new information about diseases and treatments that help all of us take better care of our patients.

Basic Science Research

The Digestive Disease Center is proud to enhance our patient care and educational programs with a strong background of research and discovery. The first step of this discovery process is basic science research. The DDC is enthusiastically involved with brilliant basic scientists doing groundbreaking bench research in digestive disorders.

Clinical Trials Research

The DDC is also very active in taking those new ideas into the clinical trials research arena. By providing new technologies, new drugs, and new treatments to those with digestive disorders, patient care standards continuously improve. Our commitment to both basic and clinical research is just one way MUSC Digestive Health is leading the world in digestive health.